Our Art

Art-(noun): The expression or application of human creative skill & imagination.

Here at Swank we like to think of ourselves as artists and our medium happens to be the camera. Our approach to our art is carefree with a touch of whimsy. With this at heart, we are able to capture you as you are, and your candidness, in a relaxed and playful environment. I feel that true personalities and natural moments happen when you are allowed to be you; stress free! It is important when we part ways, that you say that was fun and that we have done our job by telling your story!

Pre-session portrait consultations & wedding consultations are a vital part of us getting to know each other. We prefer for our pre-session consultations to take place at the studio in order for us to share samples of our art. We're going to want to know about your style, your home decor, your vision for your wedding day, or for a portrait session, what it is about your child that makes your heart sing. This time together will also give you ideas of what to expect from our personal style should you choose to work with us. We offer a full line of high end albums, canvases, and framed portraits, with a penchant for sophistication to showcase our art and believe they belong in your home, on your walls, aptly displayed to share with friends and families. We look forward to meeting you soon!