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A Raleigh Wedding Photographer Tells – BRIDES:Why Do Your Homework?

Think shopping for a bargain and that money is the most important factor for your wedding photography services? This Raleigh Wedding Photographer says, “Think again!”.

Very often, price disparities in wedding photography are a clue as to who is a seasoned pro vs. who is new to the industry. There are pros and cons to both, but the ball is in your court to ask yourself what’s most important to you. The one thing that you take away from your wedding day, that will recount the very beginnings of your marriage, that will appreciate in value over time, & that truly gives back over and over again is your wedding day photography.

With respects and regards to budgets, yes, us seasoned pros are fully aware that not everyone can secure the top notch services. However I believe as a seasoned pro in this industry {that I am so passionate about}, it is of utmost importance that a few things need to be disclosed.

Please read an email I received from a girl just a couple of days ago who secured the services of another photographer NEW to the industry(subsequently, no longer in the industry):

This is a very odd question, but about a little over a year ago I signed a contract with a photographer who said that they knew you and that you kind of mentored them a little bit. Well, I had hired her because of what she could offer and some of the books she showed me. I got married June 18th this summer with a different photographer because the one I originally hired took my deposit and I had never heard from them again. It was $500 which is a lot to me and I was just amazed that someone would do that. I was just curious if you had ever heard of her…xxxxxxxxxxx…of..xx xx xx Photography. We had signed a contract and everything and then I never heard from her. So sorry to bother you with this…but if she is using your name to help get business I thought you should know.

This girl went on to email me that this photographer said she was mentored by me several times (not the case) and in part, because of that, the bride deemed this girl a reliable vendor for her wedding photography.

HOMEWORK TIME, BRIDES! What your photographer wants you to know is that if you’re ‘shopping’ another photographer and you find one that is willing to give you the sun {2nd photographer + themselves all day services}, the moon{12×12 flushmount album + 2(eclipses) custom designed parent albums} & stars{engagement session and bridal session} and adds in a bonus of stardust{discs from the sun, moon, and stars} all for $2000, I’m fairly confident in saying that this photographer is new to the industry, has no understanding of business practices or the amount of time spent in this business with one client, and very well may be running themselves into the ground in the process.

You may never get pictures back. I’ve heard this before.

You may never get an album because they’ve gone out of business. I’ve heard this before.

They may forget to take pictures of you as a bride, by yourself on your wedding day. I’ve heard this before. They may not show up to your wedding…..I’ve heard this before.

Those that are truly vested in their business, as a ‘business’, care GREATLY about their reviews and reputations. This is what you should be seeking out. Online reviews. Referrals. Reviews from people whom have secured their services before or others whom have heard through the grapevine of their services. Word of mouth carries, positively and negatively. Ask questions.

Now, I’m not about entirely bashing the new photographers to the industry as we all need to start somewhere and I’ve talked to very many of them extensively about this tug of war that is going on in our industry. I like what I hear and I see and hear their determinations to succeed. They’re educating themselves, attending workshops, and regular meetings, and learning the tricks of the trade. Beginning to understand that at the end of the day, that photography is a business, bottomline. That owning a camera does not make you a professional photography business owner.

So, brides, what I want you to know is that there are honest and legitimate photographers out there. It is your job to (a). Weigh the importance of wedding day photography to you and how much you are willing to invest upfront for something that appreciates in value over time. A tangible(your memories) that truly is invaluable and gives back to you.


(b) Many seasoned pros do offer the opportunity to do a services only which will save you up front. Most photographers are highly flexible with their packages. Albums and portraits can always be added on post wedding. If photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding, then find the photographer whose work you believe in, that resonates with you, & above all, that you connect with on a personal level. The relational gifts a photographer has with a client speaks volumes and will be directly responsible for eliciting moods; positively and can also be adversely. You must be a good match for one another. You will be ‘dating’ over the course of your engagement.



For comments and questions: I can be reached at or feel free to comment here on the blog.

Happy Wedding Day Planning.



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