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Cary Wedding Photographer – {Brian+Jenna}

I knew Jenna was going to be a beautiful bride when I first met her, I just wasn’t prepared for how stunning she would be in her gown! WOW!

Jenna warned me she wanted no group pics, just one big one at the church! Ummm, OK by me. The biggest time sucker in my eyes is all of the group pictures, the corraling of the people to keep them contained. Knowing that she had 10-11 peeps on each side of her bridal party(yes! She’s popular!) I was doubly OK with the idea of keeping it simple.

Ceremony took place at a scary church in N. Raleigh. I was afraid of the church lady who when we walked into the ‘getting ready’ room gave me the look of death. Some other photog. must’ve done a number on her at one time! She warned me, there’s was to be no movement during the ceremony. Uh? Am I allowed to breathe?

Glad that was over when it was over. We hustled back to Prestonwood Country Club and little did I know HOW festive things were on the Mack Party Truck. Good lord! I didn’t have to tell them much. Honestly, just through a few punch lines their way and snapped away. It was entertaining to say the least, but little did I know how entertaining this reception was going to be and what was in store for me. I have never seen sooo many sweaty dance people, boys dancing with boys(it rivaled a gay nightclub). They tore up the floor~! Lacey and I literally laughed all night and couldn’t stop shooting. Everytime we thought we caught a break and saw it all, someone was outdoing someone elses’ moves. Crazy!

Jenna & Brian – you are forever remembered! Off to a beautiful life together . . .

DSC 7210 blog 658x1024 Cary Wedding Photographer   {Brian+Jenna}
DSC 7296 blog Cary Wedding Photographer   {Brian+Jenna}
BJ 1 blog Cary Wedding Photographer   {Brian+Jenna}
BJ 2 blog Cary Wedding Photographer   {Brian+Jenna}

Venue, food & cake:Prestonwood Country Club
Jenna’s Gown:Enzoani
String Quartet: Arioso Strings
Flowers: English Garden
DJ – Steve Stowe forJoe Bunn DJ Co.
Limo Truck – Capital City Sedan & Limo

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